Mag. Katharina Schuldner

Katharina Schuldner

Life loves colorful...

Life itself knows how to write stories: A story has to be rich in experiences. Experiences are never ‘just good’ or ‘just bad’. Sometimes, life writes stories that are exciting, full of humor, then again some are thoughtful, painful or full of anger. Life loves variety.

Life also thinks about things, that we would rather leave out of our stories: Physical complaints (such as back pain, joint ache, gastrointestinal problems, tension) and psychological issues: Difficulty sleeping, depression, panic attacks, exhaustion or even Burn-Out.

Katharina Schuldner: “Narcissism as an opportunity”

In 2012, I encountered the term ‘narcissistic abuse’ for the first time, and also learnt about the ‘Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program’ (in short NARP) by the Australian Melanie Tonia Evans. With Evans, I found many helpful tips concerning the topic of ‘narcissistic abuse’. These tips I included in my EDEN therapy program.

In this program, you will learn how to uncover old, deeply rooted emotional injuries and how to heal them. You will also learn how to correct old beliefs and behavioral patterns. Step by step you will use your energy to re-focus onto yourself, to love yourself more and to understand the signals of your body as clues and guidance. You can live your life freely and in a self-determined way!

Don’t let others ‘dictate’ your life, but actively write your own life story…