Narcissistic abuse

Is there a person in your environment, who only thinks of their own importance, who tolerates nobody else and is in love with him-/herself? Someone who thinks they are the greatest? Who ruthlessly takes, whatever they want?

A person who is suspicious and jealous of others and lets their anger, hatred and aggression or – even worse – violence out on you? Who degrades others (or you?), uses and belittles you, so that your self-esteem suffers? Who hurts your feelings? And makes you feel guilty and yet, you feel attracted to them?

Narcissists show a vast variety of behaviors. For a long time, they behave in a ‘gentle’ way and tread carefully – they seem interesting, confident and fascinate others. However, when they feel under attack, they become ‘harder’ and more emotional – from being gentle to suffering or loud and harsh. In their relationships, the often come across as being manipulative. In worst case, narcissism leads to stalking and sadism.

In 2012, I encountered the term ‘narcissistic abuse’ for the very first time. With the term, I got to know the ‘Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program’ (in short NARP) of the Australian Melanie Tonia Evans. With her I found useful information on the topic of ‘narcissistic abuse’.  These I implemented into the development of my therapy program EDEN for people recovering from narcissistic abuse.