With a happy soul, we feel more healthy.

Appreciation and an empathic attitude towards all people, regardless of nationality, culture, religion or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation or age are the main pillars of a good therapy method.

In my work I focus on the ethical guidelines for clinical and health psychologists as well as on the occupational code of ethics for psychotherapists.

Using therapy I would like to help people to unfold their unique creative potential and to live with purpose and in harmony with themselves, others and the world around them.

This can be achieved by:

  • Learning to feel our emotions again and to activate our own psychological, physical and emotional self-healing power,
  • Learning to recognise our bodies as an important gauge of our wishes and needs and
  • Learning to guide our intellect in a focused way, to organise our experiences in a sensible way, to plan actions and to create in line with our own values and needs

We should always strive not only to see and understand ourselves but also others in their whole being.

For whom is Gestalttheoretical Psychotherapy (GTP) suitable…