The Gestalttheoretical Psychotherapy is suitable for people who have suffered from:

  • Emotional and physical abuse experiences (e.g. sexual abuse, narcissistic abuse)
  • Emotional and physical addiction experiences (e.g. co-dependency, substance abuse)
  • Psychological, emotional or physical violence experiences (e.g. mobbing, domestic violence)
  • Symptoms of tiredness, exhaustion and depression (e.g. burnout syndrome, depression, chronic fatigue)
  • Disruptions of a healthy way of life (e.g. eating and sleep disorders)
  • Identity issues and disorders (e.g. borderline personality disorder, gender identity)
  • Attention and memory disorders (learning issues, ADHD, dementia)

To me it is crucial that patients recognise that they are not alone.  As a victim, we always feel helpless – to get out of the role of the victim and into an active, responsible and creative role is a main focus of the Psychosomatic Holistic Therapy method. It is the basis for a fulfilled and happy life, lived in better health.

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