I meet each patient and victim of narcissistic abuse exactly where they stand in their current situation – in a life that writes its own stories. To actively write your own life story is liberating. I will support you on the path to this kind of freedom.

Through my therapy program called EDEN, you will understand the signals of the body and see them as a guide. Adults, kids and young adults affected by narcissistic abuse learn to refocus their attention and energy back to themselves. They learn to love themselves and others (again). That they don`t feel themselves as victims of narcissism.

By going through the four therapeutic steps of Expose, Discover, Evolve, Newly arrange, emotional pain and wounds can eventually heal. Survivors learn (again) to solve problems by themselves, in a responsible and competent way, so that they don`t see themselves as victims anymore. Self-responsibility means paying attention to yourself, taking your own needs and wishes seriously and treating yourself (and others) in a caring and loving manner. This too is an important step to better health and to fulfilling your own dreams and goals.