Katharina is a highly qualified Psychotherapist with a rich level of experience. She has also been a victim of narcissistic abuse herself, and has experienced all the lows and subsequent highs after the abuse. In contrast to other therapists, she has a deep understanding and compassion for male and female victims. Her easy-to-understand, clear, non-direct kind of psychotherapy makes her a real narcissism specialist, which are very rare! She works alone or in groups with the victims. I am very glad to be able to work with Katharina to help as many people as possible, to educate them and to prevent this kind of abuse in the future.

Unexcited, unidealistic, straightforward and compassionate.



Christine Merzeder über Katharina Schuldner, narzissmus.at
Christine Merzeder
Buchautorin und Klinische Koordinatorin

After I had left the first counselling-session with Katharina Schuldner, I whispered to myself under my breath: “I´ve made it! At last, I have found someone who understands, who knows exactly what I´ve been talking about and what I´ve been through.” I felt I had an anchorhold for the first time. The relief is huge. It is healing. It gave me back a true sense of my own value, of my integrity – after years of undermining and unjustified assault.

Katharina Schuldner listens with an appreciation of what it is like to be abused in this way by an intimate partner, parent, colleague, even friend. In our ongoing conversations, I feel she is like a concerned and determined trade union representative supporting my rights as a worker. She encourages me to stand up for myself and explains how to do it. She offers solidarity and a renewed sense of life being worthwhile.

A client

I have known Katharina Schuldner for almost 25 years now and value her emotional and spontaneous persona. Furthermore, she has a sharp mind. She has great talent, to empathize with other people and portray closeness as well as a safe environment, as she has got a good sense and intuition.

Paul Wilkens
Gesundheits-, und Organisationspsychologe

I have known Katharina for many years and see her as an empathic, competent and very outgoing colleague. I value in particular her great curiosity for the differences of people and her courage to test new experiences, but also to go completely new paths in life. I had the opportunity to follow her career for some years as a Coach. In this role, too, I have found our conversations to be very enriching indeed.

Markus Ebner über Katharina Schuldner, narzissmus.at
Markus Ebner
Economic Psychologist and Coach

I have known Katharina Schuldner for 25 years. In all these years, she has been open, critical (also towards herself), idealistic, always striving for developing her own personality as well as especially humorous. I am happy to count her as one of my friends.

Bernhard Fellner über Katharina Schuldner, narzissmus.at
Bernhard Fellner
Wirtschaftspsychologe und Sozialbetreuer