Walking and Talking in Vienna

Are you stuck with problems in your life, such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, dependency? Are you stressed out with conflicts, for example in your job, in school or within your family?

However, you don’t know how to deal with these troubling emotions and difficult situations?

Take the first step with me.

Walk and Talk – let’s walk and we will talk about it.

Instead of sitting in my practice and reflect on your issues and trying to find solutions, we will take a stroll through the park of the Castle of Schoenbrunn.

The advantages of a coaching or guidance session while moving are obvious:

Walk and Talk…

  • …can help reflecting and to uncover certain thought patterns.
  • …can have a meditative effect. You start to feel the ground beneath your feet again and can sort your thoughts and feelings while walking.
  • …in nature and in the fresh air gets you in a good mood and increases wellbeing, as endorphins and other good hormones are released when moving. Things get moving in your body, quite literally.
  • You walk away from anxiety, stress and depression: Walking has a scientifically proven positive effect on these disorders.
  • …helps to refocus on the small things in life: Breathing fresh air, feeling the rays of the sun on your face, listening to the wind and the leaves of centuries-old park trees and listening to the sound of the birds.
  • …it gives an opportunity to relax and unwind from your usual daily stress levels.




Before we go…

We will meet for an initial consultation in my practice.

One Walk & Talk loop in the park takes 60 to 90 minutes. Depending on your fitness, time and mood I adapt the pace of walking and the length of one Walk & Talk loop to you and your needs.

In short: Using this therapeutic method, you and your life will walk in harmony again.

The first step is the most difficult one

If you have been thinking for a while about taking part in a coaching or a psychological consultation, because you feel stuck with your problem, please contact me via email on kontakt@narzissmus.at or via phone on +43 699 1 941 00 66.


Let’s take the first step together.