Psychosomatic Holistic Therapy (PHT)

What we think and how we feel has also an impact on our body. When your soul suffers, your body suffers as well. The result may be the development of psychosomatic disruptions.

Using Psychosomatic Holistic Therapy (PHT) I would like to help heal deep psychological and physical wounds, with the aid of individually adapted intervention techniques. Only when the emotional injuries (which often lie a long time in the past) are tackled at their root, a happy and fulfilled life is possible.

The Psychosomatic Holistic Therapy method considers the close relationship between physical and psychological factors. This type of therapy reflects the body-mind connection in the thought process and offers patients a holistic explanation and therapy for their complaints.

I combined my knowledge as a fully qualified psychologist, clinical and health psychologist and psychotherapist in order to develop the Psychosomatic Holistic Therapy method.

How I work