Psychosomatic Holistic Therapy (PHT)

The Gestalttheoretical psychotherapy (GTP) is an independent, scientifically based therapy method and is recognized as such.

It is an experience-oriented, depth psychological approach and represents a holistic, dynamic view of people. In therapy, I assume that the forces and abilities required to cope with your current problems are inherent in you.

It is the task of therapy to rediscover, uncover and develop them. You will not be “treated” unilaterally, but supported in developing the possibilities for self-healing.

Your ability to lead a fulfilled life, to cope with crises and to heal yourself depends to a large extent on the fact that you can maintain lively contact with yourself and your environment.

Your thinking, your feelings, your intuition, your body sensations and your actions should be present and available to you as a whole as well as possible.

How I work…